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Topic 19.  PROJECT ARROW:  Learning about Lincoln Through our Modern Technology

Welcome to Project Arrow's special project to study the 16th President, Abraham Lincoln

       In this study of about 4 weeks duration (to do all parts), you will learn about Lincoln the boy and young man; Lincoln the Springfield lawyer; Lincoln the politician; and Lincoln the President.  Included will be a special activity concerning the Gettysburg Address.  This activity will encourage you to memorize and present the address.

       Along with doing the research and reporting activities, you might try memorizing the Gettysburg Address or another Lincoln Speech. 
A visit to the new Lincoln Presidential Museum at Springfield, Il would make  "Lincoln through Technology"  a total learning package.

Lincoln the President
Online Puzzle
Hail to the Chief, The President's Song Civil War Photography and Matthew Brady
Lincoln the Lawyer &
Tall Hat Activity
Lincoln the Inventor Mac and Dorothy McClerren Tribute Page
Lincoln's Detective (Alan Pinkerton) Bits and Pieces of Lincoln's Speeches Sarah Bush Lincoln Biography & Info Page
Lincoln the Boy &
Young Man
Lincoln's Other Careers before becoming President Lincoln at New Salem Puzzle
If You Lived with the Thomas Lincoln Family Learning Like Young Abraham Lincoln Before and After Lincoln in the White House
Peers of Lincoln the President Think'n  Like Lincoln Understanding Lincoln's Writ'n (Using Primary Sources)
Lincoln-Douglas Debates The Lincoln Family Scrapbook Activity Lincoln "Places He's Been" Activity
Abe the Railsplitter Abraham Lincoln
Commander and Chief
Presidents in History (Comparison of Lincoln, Polk and G.W. Bush)
  The Gettysburg Address Activity Lincoln in the War Room (Telegraph Office)

Civil War and Other 19th Century/ Lincoln-Connected Websites


Resources on the 19th Century and Abraham Lincoln, in Particular

Coles County, Illinois  Historical Tour The Greenup Covered Bridge The Shelbyville Lincoln-Thornton Debate Coincidences of the Lincoln/Kennedy Assassination
The Lincoln Heritage Memorial Trail Williamsburg Hill (Shelby County) & Lincoln    

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