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CONTENTS SET A:  Abraham Lincoln Biographical Information -- Child and Boyhood

Lincolns and Pioneer Life;  The Lincoln's Move to Illinois, March, 1830;  Pioneer Life

". . . If You Lived with the Lincoln's Thomas Lincoln Family Learning Activity
  • You are going to learn what life would be like if you lived in the Thomas Lincoln Family in the early 1800's.

  • Notice the old log cabin above with people standing out front and in the doorway.  This is Thomas Lincoln's cabin, and possible family members.

  • Life was really hard in those days, but things we have now were unknown.
  • Maybe the children in the Lincoln family--  Sarah, Abraham, and Dennis and now you, didn't think things were so hard.


JOB #1--  Do your Book Readings
Use one of the books listed in this activity and read either the whole book, or the pages listed.  From there, you will have an idea of what life was like with the Lincolns .
JOB #2-- 
Fill out your notepad form (See the Notepad below) about your identity as a member of the Thomas Lincoln Family.  If you are in a group, still use only one identity. 
JOB #3-- 
Fill out the form with answers you got from the books. 
JOB #4--
Use these Internet links and add to the form (s) you did for the books.  You should fill in more "new" information. 

JOB #5-- 
After completing the Information Form (s) you are to write a story about what it would be like to a member of the Thomas Lincoln family.  You can then take the story and turn it into a play.  This story should include all the information you gathered on your Form (s).  You can put your own opinions, and even make up a little story to include in the story.  Your teacher might have you make a computer presentation with your story.  If you are doing this on your own, without a teacher, you may make up book, presentation, or have your own puppet play or real-people play. 

Lincoln Family Notepad
Use the "Idea Headings" to help in organizing your information
The "In-Lincoln's Time:  Living with the Thomas Lincoln Family" Learning Activity
Make copies of as many pages as needed

Write Your Notes Here:
Log Cabin:


Chores for children:


Fun & Games:

Earning money:


Funerals in the family:


Animals (Pets and Work Animals):  

Write where the information came from on this Notepad Page:
Book Title, Author, Page #:

Website Address or name of the source: 


Tommy Lincoln, Abraham and Sasrah's Little brother

Lincoln's Parents

At Home on the Prairie 1830's

Lincoln Timeline
Knob Creek
Sinking Spring (Abraham's Birthplace)

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