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Dates of family births and deaths and other family details:

         Robert was born August 1, 1843.  He died July 26, 1926

         Eddie was born March 10, 1846.  He died February 1st, 1850

         Willie was born December 21st, 1850.  He died February 20, 1862

         Tad was born April 4, 1857.  He died July 15, 1871

         Abraham Lincoln was born February 12, 1809 and was assassinated April 14, 1865

         Mary Todd Lincoln was born December 13, 1818, and died at Springfield in Elizabeth's home, July 16, 1882

         Mary and Abraham had four sons.

         According to their peers, Mary and Abraham did not have good parenting skills, but loved their children more than anything else.

Robert (Bob) Todd Lincoln: Born August 1, 1843 in Springfield, Illinois. At first Mary did not allow Robert to serve in the Union army. Later he did join and obtained the rank of Captain.  He worked as an attorney, and later as Secretary of War (1881-1885), Minister to Great Britain (1889-1992), and president of the Pullman Company. On September 24, 1868 he married Mary Eunice Harlan. He had two daughters (Mary "Mamie" Lincoln and Jessie Harlan Lincoln) and a son (Abraham "Jack" Lincoln II). His son Jack died at age 16 on March 5, 1890 in London, England from blood poisoning.  Robert died at age 82 on July 26, 1926 at Hildene, his summer home in Vermont. Robert is buried in Arlington National Cemetery. Mary died on March 31, 1937.

  • "On August 1, 1843, nine months less three days from the day of her marriage, Mary Lincoln achieved the second of her domestic priorities and delivered the first of her four precious sons."  Edward (Eddie) Baker Lincoln: Born March 10, 1846 in Springfield, Illinois. Edward died quite young in Springfield, Illinois on February 1, 1850 from pulmonary tuberculosis.
  • William (Willie) Wallace Lincoln: Born December 21, 1850 in Springfield, Illinois. William died when he was 11 years old on February 20, 1862 in Washington, D.C. of typhoid fever.
  • Thomas (Tad) Lincoln: Born April 4, 1853 in Springfield, Illinois. Tad died at age 18 in Chicago on July 15, 1871 of tuberculosis.

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