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Topic  Seventy-three: President Lincoln Portrait READINGS Puzzle



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President Abraham Lincoln, 1863



4   Lincoln's right eye


Lincoln becomes a lawyer; the bar exam
12   Lincolns glasses


Lincoln awakens to politics/spread of slavery
11   Lincoln's bow tie


Columbia Oratory: slave and slave master dialogue
2   Lincoln's right ear


The Lincoln's Springfield home; the only home they would ever own
5   Lincolns left eye


Illinois Black Laws; blacks in Illinois (free or runaways)
10   Table Top


Lincoln the lawyer and the 8th Circuit
11   Book


Lincoln's Farewell Address; leaves Illinois forever
9   Cloth


Lincoln the lawyer; Matson Slave Trial
8   Lincoln's watch chain


Lincoln the lawyer; three famous cases
1   Lincoln's mouth


Abraham Lincoln moves to Springfield
7   Lincoln's nose


Abraham and Mary Lincoln's family
6   Lincoln's beard


The Lincoln boys
13   Table stand


The Code of the fan and the secrets of the gloves (social life in high society, Springfield)


  Lincoln's left arm


The slave industry in the South

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