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Information from James Baldwin’s on-line biography The Story of Abraham Lincoln

Illinois House Representative, Abraham Lincoln, and a group of other Springfield area representatives had succeeded in getting the capitol of Illinois moved from Vandalia to Springfield.

From Baldwin: “The people of Springfield were so delighted that they urged Mr. Lincoln to come there and practice law. An older lawyer, whose name was John T. Stuart, and who had a good practice, offered to take him in partnership with him.  And so, in 1837, Abraham Lincoln left New Salem and removed to Springfield.  He did not have much to move. All the goods that he had in the world were a few clothes, which he carried in a pair of saddle-bags, and two or three law books. He had no money, and he rode into Springfield on a borrowed horse.

He was then twenty-eight years old. From that time on, Springfield was his home.”  Abraham would propose marriage to Mary Owens and got turned down. He would meet the very popular southern belle, Mary Todd. They would get engaged, break apart, get engaged again and marry. This was the beginning of the Lincoln family. Four sons would be born to them (Robert, Thomas, Willy and Eddy), and their first house would be purchased at 8th and Jackson Streets. Abraham’s law career would flourish. Springfield loved the Lincoln family.


Mary Todd Lincoln:  In her own words:

“My evil genius Procrastination has whispered me to

tarry 'til a more convenient season.” Mary Todd


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