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       The capture of New Orleans (April 25 May 1, 1862) during the American Civil War was an important event for the Union. Having fought past Forts Jackson and St. Philip, the Union was unopposed in its capture of the city itself, which was spared the destruction suffered by many other Southern cities. However, the controversial and confrontational administration of the city by its military governor caused lasting resentment. This capture of the largest Confederate city was a major turning point and an incident of international importance.

Capture of New Orleans Fact Box & U.S. Commemorative Stamps

Panoramic view of New Orleans; Federal fleet at anchor in the river (c.1862)

Date April 25, 1862 May 1, 1862
Location New Orleans and St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana
Result Union victory
 United States (Union)  CSA (Confederacy)
Commanders and leaders
David G. Farragut
Benjamin Butler
Mansfield Lovell
Units involved
Department of the Gulf
West Gulf Blockading Squadron
Department No. 1
Casualties and losses
none none