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Frederick Douglass, Abolitionist and Advisor to the President-- Frederick Douglass, Conductor for the Underground Railroad

Student Task #7-- Study Frederick Douglass' Role as Conductor for the Underground Railroad

Working forward in time, your job now is to study and read about Frederick Douglass' role as a freedom conductor for the Underground Railroad.  Read about and from his Northern Star newspaper. 

READ: from the American Memories Collection.   Also, visit the Awesome Stories Famous Conductors of the Underground Site for "People."

1.  Make a poster displaying a portion of the Underground Railroad.  Use symbols, landscape symbols, and labels.  It should look like a map.  You can include human figures, canoes, house basements, barns, and other items common on the Railroad.  Secret symbols can also be used.

2.  Write a narrative essay about a family's trip on the Railroad from the south to Canada.  Provide details in a fictional format, with historical facts within it. 

3.   Write your own article for the Northern Star concerning abolition and freedom for slaves. 

4.  Describe the Underground symbols, people and helpers.  Describe the who's, what's, when's and how's of a trip on the the railroad to freedom.

 A List of the Frederick Douglass Activity Tasks