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Frederick Douglass, Abolitionist and Advisor to the President-- Task #3-- Use the Smithsonian Timeline & the Buffalo Soldiers Site

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TASK #3-- Study the Smithsonian Timeline History & The Buffalo Soldiers

Use a Civil War timeline to check out events during the Civil War, especially the first two years.  The Civil War was not going well for the Union or President Lincoln before 1863.   The Emancipation Proclamation was issued January 1, 1863.  President Lincoln would now authorize African Americans to serve in the Union Army.  African Americans and Frederick Douglass would have a big part in the new direction.  Frederick Douglass would now become a recruiter for the Union Army to convince male freed slaves to join and fight for the Union. 

a.  READ:  The Smithsonian Civil War Timeline lists  when African American troops would enter battle.  The 54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment under Col. Robert G. Shaw.

b.  READ ALSO: Congressional Medal of Honor winners by African Americans at the Buffalo Soldiers site.  Work within a small group, and make a memorial honor board for all the African-American soldiers that won this award during the Civil War.  Provide detailed information and a portrait of each.  As you read about recruits, find out the names of Frederick Douglass' own sons that were recruited as Union soldiers.

1.  Choose three African-American Heroes from the Civil War and make a computer presentation or poster describing each and what they did that was heroic.

2.  Make a computer presentation, or write a descriptive essay about the famous "Buffalo Soldiers" of the U.S. Army

3.  Read about the 54th Massachusetts Regiment that heroically fought in the Battle for Fort Wagner in South Carolina.  Write a narrative essay about the history of this Regiment.

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