When the Gong Rings
A Fire History of Charleston, Illinois
93.  FIRE LOG 1958

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June 13, 1958- Lincoln Woodyard home wind-damage

July 16, 1958- Frank Dailey appointed fireman

July 17, 1958- Quad fire school at 500 Jackson station

August 28, 1958 H. F. Jackson residential explosion; 1103 Buchanon St.

September 1958 prepare for new testing; department now at 9 members

October, 1958- Ladder training on new Quad extension ladders at 500 Jackson station

December 2, 1958- Chicago school fire, 71 pupils died; would effect fire codes for school all over country



The white quad was the motivation for a great deal of training. In July, 1958 men gathered at the 500 Jackson station for a hose loading school. The school was originally set up for three days, but took a break after the second day to finish in October. Fire Commissioner Albert Frommel described the sessions. He said that such training was the first for the area in over three years. Chief Hutton attended but was a bystander because of a broken ankle. Other department represented included Mattoon, Hindsboro,  Ashmore and Kansas. Ray Rimmick, a Kewanee resident, and John Reith, Pinckneyville, were fire school instructors working the office of the state fire marshal, Division of Fire Prevention and Public Safety. Included in the course were various ways to lay hose in a truck as well as some ladder work. Training also included the problem of drafting water from the town branch, simulating available water



situations, encountered on farms. A dramatic pumping and water throwing display concluded the school at the fire house


As much as 1100 feet of 2 1/2 inch hose is carried in the white truck at all times as well as 200 feet of 1 1/2 inch line. It requires skill to stow this much hose in the space allotted so that it does not tangle when rapidly drawn out. Water which comes out of the tap at 4 pounds pressure is built up to 180 pounds by a pump in the truck. The pump is capable of building up to 800 pounds but it is difficult for even two men to hold or to change direction of the stream of water.   [I can remember seeing John Butler and another fireman lifted into the air by the powerful stream.]


During the week of special training, July, 1958, new fireman Frank Dailey received the training with old-timers as  well.    
His appointment in- creased the fire crew to nine members.







The group is identified in the writing above. The old Firehouse veranda was removed to make room for the Quad's tight turns. It was a very long fire engine.

Included was practice in tall ladder raising procedures (note the stilts on the Quad ladder system); hose setup and operation and other topics. Training was conducted by Instructor Dutch Remick

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