When the Gong Rings
A Fire History of Charleston, Illinois
75.  FIRE LOG 1950-51

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Big Church Fire "Below Zero Conditions"



December 16, 2:47 A.M., with temperatures well below zero, firemen were called to the Pilgrim Holiness Church, 4th and Monroe Streets. Patrolman Clyde Stine discovered the burning building while patrolling at five points, several blocks away. He could see the light of the flames. Firemen battled the blaze in subzero weather for nearly three hours. They said that most of the building was ablaze when they arrived and that the fire was beyond control. No structures near the church were damaged. The Rev. Dwight Horn, pastor of the church, said Sunday that it would take about $25,000 to replace the building. He said the loss was only partly covered by insurance. A newly installed electric organ was destroyed in the fire, and that the church had just been redecorated. They had church at 9:00 P.M. Saturday and that everything was alright then. He said the thermostat on the automatic heating
plant was set at 55 degrees. A janitor of the church was in the building at 11:00 P.M. and he also reported that


everything seemed to be normal. Firemen said that the base of the fire was around the heating plant and said that they believed that the fire was caused by an overheated furnace. However, definite cause for the fire was not as yet determined. Firemen manned hose at the church until the ruins were still smoldering this (Monday) afternoon. The history of the Pilgrim Holiness congregation went back to 1917, when it was purchased from the Baptist congregation. The main part of the building was dedicated by the Baptists in 1858. Several additions were added. During the cold night, two other alarms were answered: Joe Brannah and Bernie Cobble residences. Monday morning a call was answered to Charleston Lumber Yard. Slight damage to all of these was reported.

Fireman Melvin Taylor's feet got severe frostbite at this fire. He would suffer problems over this for many years.  They wore non-insulated rubber boots in these early years. 

The hydrant he hooked up for this fire (5th & Madison) is now placed in the 408 Madison back yard. It was replaced several years ago, and Melvin retrieved it from the junk yard.

Fireman Mel Taylor Hooking up to the '28 Boyer pumper in possibly 1951.
Three of the most dangerous fires were in the 1950's, including the Piggly Wiggly, the Pentecostal Church, and Alexander's Department Store

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