When the Gong Rings
A Fire History of Charleston, Illinois
70.  FIRE LOG     1950-1951     

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January 25, 1950- 6:00 AM., H.W. Lanman residential fire; sofa & living room, $1,000 damage; all were asleep upstairs, but got out OK

February 27— Saturday night. Fireman saved life: daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Richard Walden (2 years old); was suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning; "2" other small fire calls the same night

November   9—  The   Fire/   Police   Pension   Fund established

October 30- 3:00, Sunday, Riley Coleman residence (trailer/wood frame home) W. Polk, completely destroyed

November 20- Monday, 2:00 P.M., Ezra Mock residential fire, 319 Madison; old floor furnace exploded and caught the home afire; fireman had to crawl under the house to get to the fire.

December 15- Friday, 1:00 PM. Coles-Cumberland Service Co,, W. of Coles County Fairgrounds; problem with lack of water (too far from city to connect with hydrant); water was hauled to booster pump; Mattoon Fire Department helped haul water; 100 tons of fertilizer was destroyed.

December 27- Wednesday, 9:30 A.M; Emery Ferguson Farm (residence); 5 mi. E. of Charleston; sparks from a fire being used to thaw cistern pipes ignited weatherboarding; house destroyed, some furniture & clothing was saved



January 22, 1951- Fireman Edgar Wilson dies

January 28- Melvin Taylor reappointed to fire department

March 5— 8:00 P.M.; Mike Decker residential fire at 790 H. St.—gas furnace exploded; smoke damage; Later Sunday night the resusitator was taken to the home of Hugh Johnson at 835 7th St.; Early Monday A.M., fire at 211 W. Harrison, the Jasper Brookins residence; flames probably started by defective wiring in the bathroom quickly spread throughout most of the inside: suffered smoke, fire and water damage; some furniture was saved.

April 23- Sunday, 1:15 A.M., the Piggly Wiggly was destroyed by fire;fireman Mel Taylor fell through floor and had to be pulled out

May 18— Charleston house fire siren fails test to serve as civil defense bomb-warning siren

June 28- Eves Quinn resigns from the fire department June 29- John Butler appointed as fireman

December 12- Major newspaper headline: Fire Insurance Rates to be Increased!

December 16- Sunday, 2:45 A.M.-  Pilgrim Holiness Church at 4th and Monroe burns; firemen suffer in below zero temperatures.


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