When the Gong Rings

A Fire History of Charleston, Illinois

332.  FIRE LOG           1983                
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January 6- Residential fire at 353 N. 6th St. (overheated woodstove)

January 10- Rural residential fire at Rt. 4, Charleston, rented to EIU students

January 11— Warnings & advice to Eastern students about fire safety concerning using electric heaters, etc. during winter months.

January 20— Rural residential house fire at Rte. 2, Charleston, Capt. Gene Hackett injured

January 26— CFD Ambulance Supervisor Tom Watson introduces concept of paramedics in Charleston

February 10- Trailer fire at 505 N. Division,  Man awoke by his smoke detector-- his life saved

February - County Board studies paramedic plan;

March— City survey—local people support a paramedic plan; Mattoon City Council rejects a plan; Coles County Board drops out of further plan for any "paramedics" in county

March 1- Mayor Bob Hicfcman resigns

March 3- Clancy Pfeiffer appointed new Mayor of Charleston, fills a "lonely seat"

March 4- Jim Wickham (Illinois Consolidated Telephone Co. official) appointed to Council to fill Clancy Pfeiffer's seat

March 16- City Council fire City Planner Larry Stoever

March 25- Commissioner John Beusch honored by Jaycees

April 6- City Council reaffirms firing of Larry Stoever, former City Planner

April 11- Price of new ladder truck discussed at Council Meeting (from $188,000 to $300,000)

April 20- City Council approve purchase of new Seagrave aerial truck

May 5- New Seagrave ladder truck was constructed and was awaiting painting

May 26— New Seagrave ladder truck delivered to Charleston

June 16— New Seagrave ladder truck, E-3, introduced to Council

July 3— Fires at 4th and Madison vacant apartment buildings, determined arson

July 7- City employees get 5% raises

July 12— Youth Christian Group at EIU gets "sprayed down" by CFD

July 14- Commissioner Jim Wickham resigns City Council; conflict of interest; Firemen "cool down" Christian Alliance campers on EIU campus

July 15- 219 1/2 6th St. Apartment Bldg. front condemned

July 16- Arson "officially" determined as cause of 403 Madison fires

August 9- Dry weather-related fires at 627 15th St. & 957 C St., both caused by burning of dry grass

September 12- Commercial fire at Jim Hacker Metal Shop, 1933 11th St.

September 14- City council to appoint new "City Administrator" under the city's Community Development Assistance Program grant (a replacement for Larry Stoever)

October 1- New Ladder truck & city officials •will be in parade, Dan Niles , Chief Taylor & Bill Bradley were in truck

October 20- Residential fire at 419 4th, Robert Livingston owner, "set deliberately"

November 1- Residential alarm at 1721 9th St., EIU student occupied

November 6— Fire in trash chute at EIU's Taylor Hall

November 23- Council picks Michael Steele as "City Administrator"

November 25-Residential fire at 822 19th St., Dick & Annette Lynch home

November 30- Letter to editor about "rudeness" of CFD in answering questions about false alarms

December 1- Chief Taylor "disgusted" with high number of EIU false alarms

December 5- "Gripe" letters about electrical malfunction false alarms at EIU/ and a response letter

December 22— Council raises 6 months probation for new firemen to 12 months

December 27- Commercial fire at Gano Welding, office & storage building heavily damaged; Residential fire at Joe Bradley property, 4 blocks S. of Square, was vacant