When the Gong Rings
A Fire History of Charleston, Illinois
298.  FIRE LOG 1980              

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January 13- Livestock building fire at Loxa

January 28- Two alarms at Carman Hall, EIU, both thought pranks

March 5— Two fires at Taylor Hall, EIU, suspected arson

March 10- Fire at an unoccupied house at North llth St., owned by Rick Watson

March 27- Firemen claim win over weight suspension

April 29- EIU graduate student plunges to death in Eastern's Science building

May 13-Trailer fire at 1803 Madison (Drake Trailer Park), Jeff King occupant

May 14- Trailer fire at 1803 Madison (Drake Trailer Park), Dawn Baldridge residence

May 18- Chief Mel Taylor attends 111. Fire Chief's Assoc. and 111. Fire Inspectors Assoc. meeting at Rockton, Illinois June 4- Council Mtg. considers CFD business

July 7- Fire at Huckaba & Sons Construction at 823 Olive St.; Heroes receive medals for saving the life of Jamie Hutson

July- City Council gives pay increases to firemen

July 20- Fire Chief Taylor warns city retailers to pull fireworks from sale

July 30- Chief Mel Taylor makes trip to Clintonville, Wisconsin to see new fire truck


August 29- Bus crash on S. Rte. 130,16 injured

September 9- Capt. Stanley Pearcy has minor accident with new Seagrave fire truck

September 18- Fireman Bud Hildebrand retires after 20 years service

September 24- Keith Malcom appointed captain

October 5-13- Fire Prevention Week

October 9- Seagrave fire truck viewed by City Council members

October 15- Chief Mel Taylor conducts fire safety classes

November 6- Robert Shoot farm fire (E. of Charleston)


November 22- Duane McClain car fire

November 28— Trailer fire in Long Acres Trailer Court, Karen Hollowell & two children lose home

December 2- Fireman Larry McGinness, president of the Coles County Heart Assoc. presents plaque to Louise Taylor (wife of Chief Mel Taylor)

December 9- Fire at 424 N. Division St.; $50,000 damage on equipment at the welding business, owned by Tom A. Sidwell