When the Gong Rings
A Fire History of Charleston, Illinois

103.  FIRE LOG


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Part One of the Book, "When the Gong Rings" ends in the year 1959

Old Firehouse Appearance Shows What it Looked Like in 1953

Plans are in 1959 to Demolish the Structure for a New Firehouse

. . . As with the end of any part of history, there is a bit of sadness and aggravation. In the detailed historical collection of Melvin H. Taylor, he had an envelope sealed, as were all the others, with a heading: Old Fire-house Demolished.

. . . Inside was a nice little photo of the fire-house at 500 Jackson, built in 1874, and to be gone by I960.
. . . In its place now is a rather ugly, but neat black-top parking lot. Ironically, City Hall and the police department use this parking lot. Chief Watson had his office in the City Hall, and I understand in 2004 the Chief's office is back in a firehouse.
. . . Oh well, I'm just settling with the idea that the old stories of the 500 Jackson Fire-House are now history. I hope I have told a few of them to get the feeling of its history. I ended up going into much detail, because I couldn't filter out anything not of importance. Every man and every fire seemed interesting, exciting and important.
. . . Be sure to read the history of the fire-house at 10th &; Madison. I can remember when it was built. It is over thirty years old already. Well, here's Melvin Taylor's picture of the old fire-house


New Firehouse is Planned for 10th & Madison--1959

ARTIST'S CONCEPTION of the new Charleston Municipal Center to be located somewhere in Charleston. The only part ever    realized was the Fire Department section. It was finally constructed on a lot at the corner of 10th & Madison. It was completed in 1961. Temporary quarters were in the present Grimes Motor Service Building on 11th St. near Madison