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Trivia Question about the Civil War

The Civil War (America's First Modern War)

30 Questions  to Answer

Photo of Bloody Lane Battlefield, Antietam, from the CWPT website

Use the Civil War On-Line Glossary.  Click Here

For these questions you will use the "House Divided" website to find the answers

Check this Civil War Site for help in Finding Answers

1.  Why does this website describe the Civil War as the first modern war? 

2.  How do the 600,000 deaths accrued in the Civil War, compare to 5,000,000 now-days in 2007? 

3.  What is the industrial revolution, and how did that influence this war concerning the division of north and south? 

4.  How did the Union Army finally start winning battles?  

5.  Why were railroads so important in the war?  List three major railroad junctions for both Union and South sides. 

6.  What means of communication helped commanders control his troops better (than in past wars)?  How do you think this new communication was used by the President?  

7.  Trenches were used in the Great Battles, and helped to increase deaths, along with new weaponry.  Why were trenches so important? 

8.  What is an ironclad, and how did they change naval war? 

8.  Describe the new army "rifle" that could shoot much farther, and more accurately. 

9.  How many soldiers died at Gettysburg because of the new rifles?

10.  Another important weapon was the cannon.  What was a Howitzer?  Who was Admiral Dahlgren, and what did he invent?

11.  How many soldiers died in the Civil War?  How does that compare to World Wars I and II, and the Korean, Vietnam, and present-day middle- east conflicts? 

12.  The great battles of the Civil War were led by cavalry soldiers and infantry soldiers carrying Old Glory.  How many stars did the Early Civil War flag have?  How about later in the War? 

13.  What was the Confederate flag called?  Draw a picture of both the Union flag and the Confederate flag, color and label both. 

14.  Who is thought to have designed the Confederate flag? 

15.  How many volunteers did the President call up in April of 1861? Make up your own broadside poster for a current or past war. 

16.  Why were the drums decorated so fancily?

17.  The 9th Vermont Regiment (that had the fancy drum) was involved in many great battles, and was also in on the take-over of what southern confederate city?

18.  Describe the Union-issued Army uniform. 

19.  The Confederate ladies made a beautiful flower-flag of their new country.  How many stars did it have on it? 

20.  What are the names of popular patriotic songs during the Civil War? 

21.  Why did U.S. Grant think the "art of war" was not enough to win?  What did he think was necessary to win a battle? 

22.  General Albert Johnston of the Confederacy was highly respected by both sides?  What other U.S. wars did he fight in?  How did he get killed? 

23.  What great southern city was captured on the Mississippi by Admiral Farragut? 

24.  In 1862, General McClellan and General Robert E. Lee met at Antietam (Sharpsburg) for what is called the bloodiest day in American History.  How many died, and what did McClellan fail to do, that would have made this Union victory the last battle of the war? 

25.  General Robert E. Lee would invade the United States at Gettysburg in June of 1863.  Who won this great battle?  How many men were lost? Why did Lincoln go to Gettysburg to give a speech? 

26. After many battles, losses and wins by both Union and Confederate forces, all would come to an end at the Appomattox Courthouse.  What happened at the court house, and how did Generals Grant and Lee get along in their meeting there?  Go Here to get details, and Here to see the "gentlemen's agreement" document.

27.  Name the two Civil War prisons described in the House Divided site, and tell where each was located. 

28.  How many combined forces would end up in the prisons and suffer greatly?

29.  How many Confederate prisoners died at Camp Douglas, near Chicago? 

30.  The Civil War, being considered the first modern war, had a system of medical care and surgery set up that was very primitive.  Where and how were the field hospitals set up, and what was the most common surgery performed?  What was the name of the first U.S. Naval hospital ship?

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