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#6-- Trivia Question about Abraham Lincoln

Nine Themes Lincoln Knowledge Themes Puzzle-- Lincoln the Politician   


  • Brief Profile of Abraham Lincoln*
  • Lincoln's Autobiographies*
  • Lincoln Biography (University of Virginia)
  • Lincoln Family Time Line*
  • Lincoln's Biography -- Before the Presidency (Lincoln/Net)
  • Lincoln's Faith in God (Great American History)
  • Lincoln's Patent*
  • Lincoln's Paternity*
  • Links to Lincoln's Legal Career*
  • Links to Lincoln's Political Career*
  • Links to Lincoln's Presidential Career*
  • Stillman's Run Memorial*
  • The Black Hawk War of 1832 (Northern Illinois University)
  • Timeline of Abraham Lincoln's Life (The History Place)
  • 1864 Presidential Campaign


           Lincoln won his party's nomination at the 1864 National Union National Convention. Rather than re-nominate Vice President Hannibal Hamlin, the convention selected Andrew Johnson of Tennessee, a War Democrat, as Lincoln's running mate.








          McClellan and Pendleton campaign poster.  They represented the Democratic Party.  General McClellan was fired by the President for poor leadership as the chief general of the Army of the Potomac.  Lincoln had a tough second election in the beginning, but Union victories at Vicksburg and Gettysburg turned the tide, and President won a second term. 








          Several candidates ran against the incumbent President Lincoln.  Frémont and Cochrane campaign poster shows the Radical Democracy Party.










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    6) The Politician





    1.  Make a timeline of public offices that Abraham Lincoln ran for and held. 

    2.  What did it mean when he said he only "lost once" in a public election? 

    3.  What party did Abraham Lincoln belong to in the 1840's?

    4.  What party did Abraham Lincoln belong to in the 1850's and into the 1860's?

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