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#4-- Trivia Question about Abraham Lincoln

Nine Themes Lincoln Knowledge Themes Puzzle--  Washington D.C. 

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    Washington, D.C.: Washington Memorial, 1860 and today from the Washington Post








    Another picture of the U.S. capitol in 1860 .  The dome is being finished during the Civl War.  Many politicians wanted to stop construction, but President Lincoln vetoed that idea.  He said the country would be showing defeat if the project was stopped.  It was finished during his Presidency.  He took care of his city while being President.  The right photo is today.

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    4) Washington D.C.





    1. Was Washington D.C. a "pleasant" place to live during the Civil War?  Why?

    2.  How was Washington D.C. protected during the Civil War?

    3.  What kind of streets did Washington have in the 1860's? 

    4.  George Washington chose the site of Washington D.C. for the nation's capitol.  What kind of land was the city site in the beginning?

    5.  What two Washington monuments were not completed when Lincoln took office?


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