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Ulysses S. Grant, Commander Supreme of the Army of the Potomac and U.S. Forces during the Civil War
Hiram Ulysses Grant
U.S. Grant

A Message to General Grant:  "Hold on with a bulldog grip and chew & choke as much as possible "  A. Lincoln


An Activity to Learn About General Grant's Leadership
and Life during the Civil War

 President Lincoln had been having troubles with his generals from the beginning of the war.  Finally  the President found a general that would push forward and not want to give in.  U.S. Grant was that man.  The President had trust in Grant's decision.  U.S. Grant provided a way to end the great war--through victories.  Many men would die under Grant's command, but the war would indeed end.  A short note to General Grant from the President states the relationship between the civilian and military leaders of the Northern armies. 

In August 1864 Grant protested a proposal that some of his troops be removed from Petersburg, arguing that it would weaken his hold on the city. The President agreed and sent this message to Grant offering words of encouragement.

Telegram from President Lincoln to Lieutenant General Grant,

August 17, 1864

President Lincoln agrees with Grant about not breaking up his forces and then tells him to ". . . hold on with a bull dog grip, and chew and choke, as much as possible."


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The original letter is located in the National Archives collection, Washington, D.C.        


ORDER: 1. Volunteer and enlist in the Union Army and be mustered by U.S. Grant into the 21st Illinois Volunteers at Mattoon, Illinois.    Click Here for "mustering."
ORDER: 2. Study Grant's 21st Illinois Volunteers in Missouri--the Western Theater.  Click Here to learn of Grant's personal statement, (concerning fear and doubt at his first confrontation) " I kept right on."
ORDER: 3. Fight well and bravely and become an officer under U.S. Grant; the Congressional Medals of Honor:  Navy and Army.  Click Here
ORDER: 4. Read about the Cavalry and U.S. Grant and his horses    Click Here
ORDER: 5. Join in with Grant's Army of the Potomac and his plan for victory (early 1864)   Click Here
ORDER: 6.  Be with U.S. Grant and Robert E. Lee in the Appomattox Courthouse when the surrender and acceptance of Union terms occurred.  Click Here
ORDER: 7. Explain President Lincoln's order to General Grant:  " . . hold on with a bull dog grip, and chew and choke, as much as possible."  Click Here

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