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1.  Slavery


2.  Lincoln and Secession


3.  Lincoln's Cabinet


4.  Life in Washington D.C.:  The Lincolns move to Washington D.C.


5.  Lincolns in the White House


6.  President Lincoln and His Generals


7.  Questions about Lincoln and the Civil War: by category for trivia pursuits or scavenger hunts


8.  People who influenced the President Puzzle


9.  The People and the President (How he treated people)  “Thistle Picking”  questions


10.  Lincoln's Politics: introduction


11.  The Founding Fathers:  the basis of Lincoln’s political philosophy and Republicanism


12.  Great Speeches by President Lincoln


13.  The Gettysburg Address introduction


14.  Civil War Technologies: PART ONE


15.  Civil War Life (of the people of the north and south)


16.  The War Room (President Lincoln’s center of operation)


17.  On the Battlefield:  Lincoln’s commanders in the field  


18.  Emancipation Proclamation: introduction from the Lehrman Institute on-line


19.  The Medal of Honor:  Using the Medal of Honor A-Z Civil War listing website for information


20.  The War Ends: Surrender at Appomattox


21.  Civil War (the first modern war)


22.  The President’s Assassination

23.  Lincoln and His Navy


24.  Seeing the Real Lincoln through art, casts, and images:  introduction



1.  Abraham Lincoln, student of war



2.  The Great Generals of the Civil War from West Point




3.  Great Battles lost and won



4.  Statistics on Casualties



5.  Frederick Douglass & Black Soldiers of the Civil War




6.  The Air Balloon for spying



7.  The United States Military Railroad System: the first railroad war



8.  Allan Pinkerton, America’s First Private Eye; Union spies during the Civil War



9.  Finding the lost copy of the Gettysburg Address Treasure Hunt




10.  President Lincoln Leads the War



11.  The Higher Moral Ground:  Questions for consideration



12.  Lincoln and his command



13.  Civil War politics and the President



14.  Lincoln’s plan for Reconstruction;  Andrew Johnson’s plan for Reconstruction


15.  Reading Abraham Lincoln’s Writing:  It’s your turn now   (from primary sources in original handwriting)  Gettysburg Address; Acceptance Speech; the Emancipation Proclamation




16.  Hail to the Chief Project:  Comparing Presidents:  Which president do you think was or is best?




17.  Lincoln and Abolitionism (Hodges’ letter from the Library of Congress




18.  America’s White House:  Before and after the 16th President:  Student job and comparison chart




19.  The Great Locomotive Chase Resource and Activity



20.  America’s First Ladies:  a learning activity     Guidelines and challenge questions




21.  Mt. Rushmore Memorial and Gutzon Borglum Learning Activity




22.  Stone Mountain, Georgia Confederate Memorial




23.  Lincolns bits and Pieces from his famous speeches




24.  Lincoln Readings, the Springfield Years




25.  Slavery in the South




26.  The Ironclads and the Navy during the Civil War


27.  Great Readings Project:  The Lincoln's at Springfield "12" Short Bio's by Many Sources


28.  Great Reading Project: Lincoln Readings Pre-Presidential Puzzle


29.  Great Reading Project:  Fort Sumter Battle Readings Puzzle


29.  Great Reading Project: 21 Great Battles of the Civil War Readings Puzzle


30.  Great Reading Project: Abraham Lincoln's Story in His Own Words


31.  16th President Activity- Comparing the Armies of the North and the South and Generals Grant and Lee


32.  Chivalry in Civil War Military, including Southern Culture and  Mosby's Raiders


33.  Gettysburg Address Treasure Hunt with Questions to Answer



34.  Lincoln Penny Trivia Puzzle



35.   Ironclad Gunboat Learning Site


36.  Abraham Lincoln's Political Life Resources and Activity




37. Abraham Lincoln Stories:  Analysis Reading Activity


38.  Admiral James Buchanon, CSS and Rear Admiral David Farragut: Comparison and Contrast


39.  Great Generals and Admirals of the Civil War: Questions and Answers


40.  Brevet Officers of the Union and Maj. General George Armstrong Custer



41.   Commodore David Dixon Porter




42.  Steamboats in America and the Civil War

"Steel & Steam" & "Disaster of the Sultana"


Use Ducksters for Civil War Information

Check out N.Y. Times Learning Center: Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War

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